What is the Brandup Crash Course?

A series of 3 ten minute videos that breakdown Worstofall Design's secret sauce and process for attracting better clients and raising the prices of your services.

  • Learn to STAND OUT from your competitors
  • Hear the 2 fundamental elements of Badassery and how to achieve them
  • Find the simplest way to increase PROFITS... that nobody is talking about
  • Learn the real difference between average and NOTICEABLE
  • Hear Branding Secrets from Worstofall Design!

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Module 1 - Stand Out & Profit

Figure out what makes you different, special and BADASS

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Module 2 - Get Psyched & Profit

Attract more customers while charging more with this simple trick.


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Module 3 - Fully Commit & Profit

The most important question in business that nobody else is asking...

What's Next:


Need step by step assistance implementing the crash course principles across every piece of your brand? You've come to the right place. 

Everything you need to create your very own
Badass Brand and business in 2016. 


"My email & phone have been blowing up since my Brand went Badass, and I’m booked daily with really cool clients; I’m getting flown all over the country for gigs and I just did a shoot for Hendricks Gin. No F*ckin’ Lie! Lastly, I gained some very valuable negotiation skills that have made every client interaction since the Brandup a win for myself and my clients!”

Chisum Pierce, Get Chisumed



Read about how we implemented these strategies and went from $40k in debt to grossing almost half a million dollars in a year.